What I can offer you...

Queen Bea offers you a selection of options

24hr VIP Day

For the ultimate 24hr Experience  including a full day dressing or shopping, or both! 
This is from 10am till 5pm. Lunch and Champagne is included (please let me know of allergies or food preferances)
You are welcome to bring your whole wardrobe so that we will not run out of outfits to try.   
Lots of outfit changes and photo opportunities are the order of the day.
The evening resumes from 7pm till 11pm and is a more relaxed affair. 
Dressed for the occasion , you will be served a 3 course dinner with myself. 
If you would like to meet another T girl I could also invite round one of my friends. Lots of chit chat will ensue. 
You will enjoy a nice evening in a relaxed environment
Then to bed! 
Stay in our sweet single bedroom with the opportunity to finally sleep in your own gorgeous nightwear.
After a wake up call at 8.00am you will enjoy breakfast then receive a memory stick with all your photographs 
of this memorable time at Queen Bea's.

The Platinum Package:

You arrive Friday evening, enjoy a meal and bottle of champagne with Queen Bea, then retire to your feminine room.

Enjoy breakfast then experience a fabulous makeover with Queen Bea

10-12 = makeup. Learn how to feminise your face using makeup tailored to you.

12-1pm Lunch

1-4pm Deportment and photos. 

Learn how to feminise your walk, how to sit stand and drink as well as how to comport yourself. 

Queen Bea will take photos to help you remember the positions your body adopts.

6 pm Dinner either in or at a local restraunt


Enjoy a breakfast and makeover with Queen Bea

10-12 Styling.  Learn how best to style your individual body shape. 
Learn how to minimise shoulders and maximise hips. 
Learn which styles suit you and which to avoid.
12-1pm Lunch and say goodbye.
This package is £895



The Diamond Package

All of the above plus…


1 - 4 Shopping. Where we put together all that you have learned

6pm evening meal and overnight accommodation


Breakfast and a fabulous makeover with Queen Bea (if you wish to leave dressed)

And say goodbye.

This package is £950 


Personal Development Coaching

Wherever you are on your Transition Journey, Bea is here to support you.    

"Personal development frameworks may include goals or benchmarks that define the end-points, strategies or plans for reaching goals, measurement and assessment of progress, levels or stages that define milestones along a development path, and a feedback system to provide information on changes".

Coaching is a structured conversation that supports you to make the decisions and changes that you desire.  It is conducted either face to face, over the telephone or via Skype / Facetime or Zoom.  Initially it is a 6 session commitment with the option to extend should you wish to.  

The cost of this is just £95 per hour and fees are payable in advance.

Bea also offers a Conversation Service. For a monthly fee of £100, you can phone twice a month for an hour to talk about the issues that are weighing on your mind, your transition, accoutability... anything you wish to talk about.



Make Up Lessons 10am - 1pm £245

I absolutely LOVE this job!!  I get to show you how to replicate the beautiful girl that you are.  

I show you how to apply and wear make up, how to choose the right colours and how to choose 

between looks for those different occasions.  

For the more adventurous, I can teach you how to subtly change 

the shape of your face to bring forth your femininity.

A deposit of £100 will be required.
During these uncertain times, I offer an online makeup lesson for just £90 so that you can sit in the comfort of your own home and learn how to use the products to make you even more beautiful. 

Payable in advance by PayPal or bank transfer.





Stanstead Airport

Give me a call and I can come and get you in 
my 2 seater black Mercedes SLK.  
07871 163 438
Pick up and return to the airport £90 plus parking if required