Some of the wonderful comments I have received...


I am writing this letter today for Bea for her help in providing coaching to me in my time of need.  She picked me out of the clouds to help me. Somehow we were connected and in the last six sessions has made me realize where my journey is taking me. My situation is very difficult in that it affects a lot of moving parts, which through coaching, she has made me realize is all part of the process. Bea was able to do 4 things for me, to make me understand better my situation and the others involved,  She has helped me take that next step in my journey that is exactly what I needed to move forward. I appreciate that more than she will ever know.

If you are ever in need of coaching, anywhere in the world, she is an excellent listener, a great problem solver and has this unique ability of making you feel at ease, to tell her exactly what's on your mind.  I can't thankl you enough Bea for everything you have done for me, and I hope to continue our relationship in the near future. I am going to take the steps that we've talked about and try to move forward in this journey and I have you to thank. God bless you... Love Jessalyn Ann


This is a very personal testimony from me to Bea.

I’ve known Bea for longer than most – we first met in 2012. A chance encounter resulted in us discussing the issues that closeted transgender women face, and within minutes she decided that her life would change course. A few weeks later she tried her first mtf makeover, and by the end of the session had decided that she wanted to rent a bigger flat and provide a safe space for girls to be themselves. An overwhelming generosity of spirit and genuine heart for those in need was therefore the first impression Bea made on me, and this has only increased over the years.

Bea has been there for me countless times over the years, dealt with my periods of dysphoria and sadness with kindness as well as sharing in my joys, and showed time and again her genuine warmth and care for all of us girls. She has been an amazing friend and source of support for not only myself but a huge number of others, with the Hive support group based at Colchester Outhouse East being just one example. She has the highest standards as an MUA and lifecoach, and will always make any new girls feel welcome and treasured.

I cannot recommend Bea highly enough, and clearly from the testimonials on this page, the girls that have met her feel the same.

Faye X


For those girls who feel they are ready to take that first big step out in public, we all know how daunting that seems. Even though you know you can do it, there are still likely to be some last minute butterflies. Actually, the hard thing is to realise that in reality most people won’t notice you as you walk by. However, it’s one thing to be out, but much trickier when interacting with shop staff etc. Bea will be there, a friendly companion ready to take the stress out of your venture. It’s great to be with someone who’ll take care of you, help calm any nerves and who’ll happily “do the talking”if that’s what you want. She knows you’ll have a great time and will go at your pace - whether it’s a quick half hour or an afternoon shopping. Just ask and go for it girls!


I have to write and say thank you! You did such a great job today, I even cried when I got to my car! You gave ******* a face! For the first time in 20 odd years if know bing ******I finally saw her today, I will never forget that! And I can never be thankful enough to you for doing that, I am so determined to press on with her emergence! I think once I finish work you'll have a new day time friend! Maybe soon I'll get the courage to even take ******out, maybe not in time for tomorrow's trip but soon.  Once again thank you, I got so many great comments from the pictures I posted so you have my full permission to use the pics on your website and wall at home.

6 Apr
Hi Bea...
As you are reading this....then you know that I made it home safe, and made it through my day at work too!!
I want to thank you for everything you did for me last night.... From the excited welcome to the kind words at the end of the night....and of course the make over!! 
For goes without saying... that all i ever wanted was to pass for being female. And with me as your canvas...your artistry did just that!!! and for that, i will be forever grateful!! For the first time in ages, i went to sleep happy, and that was all down to you!!


Just want to say - Oh My God!!!!

You are not only an artistic genius, you are lovely person too.  Why oh why did I wait so long to come to see you.  I had a really great afternoon with you.  You immediately made me feel comfortable and steadied my nerves.  Copious cups of tea and cake too, and the end result was such a wow moment.  I have found Polly after all these years in the wilderness.  Thanks so much for putting some extra joy into my life.  See you again soon.


Attending Eastbourne for the first time was a huge step for me - it was my first ever public outing and the first time I have walked outdoors in broad daylight. Walking along the promenade and going for tea & scones on the pier was a huge moment in my life and has filled me with so much confidence. But it was people like you who really helped me to get over my nerves and flourish. Your warmth, understanding and kindness was so evident and so wonderful - you are a really special woman.

Anyway, I wish you continued success with the fantastic service you offer to women like me and I hope I get the opportunity to meet you at many more events in the future.

Thanks again,  love and hugs


A memorable day with an amazing makeup artist, great photographer & a lovely lady who understands what “being girlie” means…… Thank you Bea. 

Bea is amazing you really must get a makeover from her, thank you so much for a wonderful relaxed morning. 

Spent a great afternoon with Bea. She is a lovely person and does a fabulous makeover.


"I visited Queen Bea and all I can say is that her makeover and photography skills are just as good as brilliant as everyone says! However, there is another aspect to Bea which I think I'd like to praise - her tact and decency. Many of us involved in the trans world are insecure about what we want, and why we do what we do. For others, it is a secret life with all the problems that causes. What hugely impressed me about Bea is that she never once asked me anything about myself that could have caused awkwardness, while at the same time, letting it be known she is happy to talk about anything. I was worried I'd end up having to defend what I do. Bea realises that we come to see her to get away from our inner worries! I know a few people who visit Bea and she never once gossiped or was indiscreet about any other client she has. And that really hammered home to me that anything I said to her would stay with her. And that is almost worth the price of the session in itself "